2 curators and 6 artists from Belgrade

exhibition opening: 17th November 2007, 7. p.m.
bring your own portfolio!: 18th November 2007, 7. p.m.

During two days, Impex will host guest curators and artists from Belgrade, Serbia.
A main goal of this program is to strengthen the connections between Serbian and Hungarian artists and artistic organizations.

By selecting only a few artists and their latest works for the exhibition at Impex, the intention of two young curators Mara Prohaska Marković and Maida Gruden is mapping and presenting particular movements on artistic scene in Serbia, rather than giving an overall view on Serbian contemporary visual art. A priory determined theme or concept is absent in this exhibition, in order to keep the space for multi-channel effect of the works itself. Participating artists are: Maja Josifović, Goran Micevski, Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin, Dimitrije Tadić, Milica Ružičić and Maja Obradović.

Opening of the exhibition ‘Belgrade -> Budapest’ is on Saturday 17th, 19h at Impex  2 curators and 6 artists from Belgrade will be present for the event, in order to emphasize personal contacts and exchange of experiences with the local scene.

For this reason an informal afternoon meeting and talk with coffee and cakes will be organized on Sunday, November 18th, at 17h.
Everyone interested is invited to come and bring their own documentation of the previous work (portfolio, catalogues, videos, publications, etc) in order to share information with guests from Belgrade. 

Mara Prohaska Marković and Maida Gruden aka maramaida are credibly curator team active since 2004. They Graduated Art History from Faculty of Philosophy and are now attending Theory of Art and Media Studies at Art University in Belgrade. Their main projects include: Dislocation: Utopian Space(s), Gallery O3one, Belgrade and Hungarian Plays, YUBIN Gallery, Belgrade. They are editors (together with Maja Stanković) of contemporary on-line art magazine www.dipassage.com. Currently they both work at Student’s City Cultural Center. Contact: maramaida AT yahoo.com 

Hungarian program coordinator is Áron Fenyvesi, art history student at ELTE, Budapest and board member of Studio of Young Artists Association, Budapest. 

This event is organized in order to continue the cooperation with the Hungarian artistic scene, which started last year through the series of exhibitions H3 in Belgrade initiated by ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange.